Pride in our profession and professional excellence rooted in integrity are the hallmarks of our specialized family law practice. Reputation and honesty are worth fighting for. Not only are we trusted advocates for our clients, but we serve as officers of the legal system, and have a responsibility for the quality of justice. You won’t often see this type of aspiration with other firms practicing in the field of family law. That is what makes us unique, and the reason our advice is sought by successful business executives and entrepreneurs, well known persons in the entertainment field, professional sports personalities, as well as business managers, accountants, financial advisers, therapists, other law firms, and satisfied former clients. Protection of our client’s personal and financial privacy is a bedrock principle of our practice. So is our pride in our profession and assisting valued clients through personal, family and business transitions.

We have an interdisciplinary approach where we act as the quarterback and build a team of professionals for our clients. We are big proponents of the mediation process, but are also experienced and respected in the courtroom. Read more >

We publish articles about evolving and cutting edge family law issues to educate judges, clients, and other attorneys. We speak often at professional associations, law schools, law firms, accounting and business management firms, and estate planning forums.

We devote both our time and leadership effort to numerous well-respected charitable organizations.

Client commitment, teamwork and technical expertise
are the hallmarks of our firm.

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