Divorce Wars


Discover what happens when a marriage worth millions falls apart. CNBC’s “Divorce Wars” takes you inside the battle for control, power and revenge that comes when couples become combatants. Powerful people suddenly find themselves powerless as they discover how great wealth can be a liability.

The breakup of Justine Musk and her husband Elon Musk, co-creator of Paypal and CEO of Tesla Motors, is labeled America’s messiest divorce by Marie Claire magazine. Justine challenged a post-nuptial agreement signed weeks after their wedding day.

“Divorce Wars,” hosted by CNBC’s Melissa Francis, explores the bitter emotional battlefield and how the wars that rage are more than just about money. We’ll reveal the latest techniques for winning the war through the eyes of several high net worth break-ups, including the divorce of Justine and Elon Musk.

Find out the secrets behind the money, the lies, the emotional pain, and the financial gain that happens when wealthy couples go from trusted allies to warring factions in CNBC’s “Divorce Wars.”

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