High Asset / High Profile Divorces

Zolla Law has over 45 years of experience handling complex legal and financial issues in high net worth cases. The firm’s clients include doctors, lawyers, entertainment industry executives, high-profile politicians, professional athletes and business executives. In high net worth and high profile cases, we work closely with forensic accountants, business managers, estate planning, real estate, tax and entertainment counsel to strategize the most practical and economical way to divide the community estate and confirm separate property assets.

Issues that often arise in handling such estates include:

  • Business valuation
  • Analysis of business and professional goodwill, i.e., the expectation of continued patronage by existing customers
  • Valuation and division of real property holdings and retirement and pension benefits
  • Art collections, private aircraft, second homes, annuities, stock options, executive compensation
  • Estate planning considerations
  • Tax consequences

In many instances, we recommend that clients consider alternative dispute resolution options. Such options include retaining a retired judge or a mediator to resolve issues in dispute. This is often more cost effective, a quicker and more amicable way to resolve disputes and is more respectful of the parties’ rights to privacy. Because we represent many high profile clients, we are sensitive and protective of our client’s privacy concerns. As a result, we do whatever we can to protect our clients confidentiality and privacy concerns. We are very discrete about our clientele, work closely with our client’s public relations representatives when necessary, and structure settlements in such a way where the ultimate financial settlement is not made part of the public record.

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