Spousal Support

Spousal Support is a significant and often contentious component of most marital separations. The various factors used to determine a fair amount of spousal support include the parties’ marital standard of living, the respective income of each party, the length of marriage, health and education of the parties, and all the factors set forth in Family Code Section 4320.

Our firm has negotiated and litigated these types of cases for many years and work with sophisticated and experienced forensic accountants and other financial experts and tax advisors to achieve the fairest and best results for our clients.

Zolla Law has extensive experience analyzing the following intricacies in calculating spousal support:

  • Marital Standard of Living Analysis
  • Imputation of income and earning capacity
  • Division of property and characterization issues between separate and community property
  • Tax implications and consequences of spousal support payments
  • Business valuation and professional goodwill
  • Palimony support issues involving non-marital relationships
  • Analysis of effect of Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements regarding support
  • Post-Judgment modifications and support termination issues

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